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Adress: Hallandsgatan 44
118 57 Stockholm
Cell Phone: +46707 97 61 16,



2015-2017 Specialist education Art therapy at Umeå University

2011-13 Master Program at DOCH (UNIARTS) in the program New Performative Practices. Focusing choreography and performance.

2011 Filmmaking course at Dans Alliansen

2002-2011 Courses in text interpretation according Gestalt Method
with Marcus Groth

2010 ‘Theatre University’, voice & movement

2009 ‘Entrepreneurial course for Artists’ at University of Dance

2007 ‘Final Cut’, ETC, digital video editing education

1993 ‘Analytical Psychology’ course at Institute of Analytical Psychology

1992 ‘Social Anthropology’ course at Stockholm University

1980 -1983 ‘Mime education’ at i Danshögskolan /Teaterhögskolan now UNIARTS

1979 ‘Movie education’ at the University of Film



2022 ROSEMARY Director and choreographer for mime performance with 50 mimes/physical stage artists in collaboration with six choreographers/directors, Västerås

FÖRINTELSENS MINNESDAG -Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio – minnesdag

MIN LÅNGA ATT GÖRA LISTA- Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio

2021 ATT VARA BARN TILL ÖVERLEVARE AV FÖRINTELSEN- Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio

SOLDATTORPET -Educational film – director Voula Kereklidou, actor for Hamn Museum Fisksätra

DU FÖRBLIR SÅ LEVANDE KÄRA MAMMA- Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio

TEATERNS KRAFT-Tankar för dagen P1 SR

ELDFLUGAN, Dansföreställning Childrens performance, choreograph Anke Laerenberg, producer and coach.

INTE TRIBADERNAS NATT -Performance, actor role Selma Lagerlöf, University of Arts Stockholm, director Johanna Sandström Lehto

2020 I MIN FANTASI KUNDE DOM INTE DÖ Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio

MORMOR, VET DU? -Tankar för dagen P1 SR, Swedish Radio

Actor, director Voula Kereklidou, Hamn Museum, Fisksätra

MINA BARNDOMS TANTER Tankar för dagen P1, SR, Swedish Radio

DEN TUNNA ISEN, by Lena Einhorn- Recording audiobook actor voice, Storytel.

2019 SPIK I FOTEN – Tankar för dagen P1, SR, Swedish Radio

ATT BEHÅLLA SIN MEDMÄNSKLIGHET – Tankar för dagen P1, SR, Swedish Radio

2018-19 RÖDA RUMMET, solo show at Strindbergs Intima Teater
Dance, Theatre och Marionettes for young and adult. Actor and manuscript author, Director Anna Wallander

2018 NÄR MODET SÄTTS PÅ SPEL – Tankar för dagen P1, SR, Swedish Radio

JAG ÄR EN FRISK PERSON -Tankar för dagen P1, SR, Swedish Radio

GARDELL SERIE – mime and actor SvT Swedish Television

2017 PRESIDENTERNA play by Werner Shwab, actor, director Johan Paus, UNIARTS Stockholm

MODERLAND, play, author with Lena Einhorn

IT’S MY BODY, play for young people to the right to their own body and sexuality, storytelling and choreography, Namibia

OM ATT BLI SYNLIG-Tankar för dagen Sveriges radio P1 SR, Swedish Radio

ATT FÖDAS OCH DÖ -Tankar för dagen Sveriges radio P1 SR, Swedish Radio

STORYDOX storyteller, Punkhimlen, Stadsteatern Klara Scenen

2016 SJÄLVBILDER – Solo lecture performance, Windhoek Namibia

STORYDOX story teller, Punkhimlen Teater Pero

ATT FÅ DELA EN SORG -Tankar för dagen Sveriges radio P1 SR, Swedish Radio

DE HÄR NYHETERNA FÅR INTE MAMMA SE -Tankar för dagen Sveriges radio P1 SR, Swedish Radio

2015 OM FÖRINTELSENS MINNESDAG -Tankar för dagen Sveriges radio P1 SR, Swedish Radio

SJÄLVBILDER – Performed in various school, choreographed lecture performance, with support of Kulturrådet and Konstnärsnämnden

MAMMA OCH DR. MENGELE HADE BLÅ ÖGON – A second generation story, author

2014 CRAW -Sprawl Poetry Practice, One to One Performance, at parks and public spaces/ Stockholm

SHAME, lecture performance at DOCH, University of ARTS and FSL Research Seminar

2013 SEE ME BECAUSE I CAN NOT – Exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm. Performance and video art with sculptural objects that choreograph the audience

MISS/RE/POST/ REPRESENTAION – guest performance artist at Arena Baubos at INKONST Malmö

SYSKONKÄRLEK, a classroom play by Anette Sallmander and Chriss Floderer

OVÄDER BY Strindberg, actor in the role of Gerda. Director Igor Cantillana, at Fryshuset

read her own text and poetry, producer Siri Ambjörnson -SR Swedish Radio
Readings of Primo Levi poetry, actor at the Italian Culture Institute, Stockholm

SIGMUND & ANNA FREUD – manuscript author with Lena Einhorn on daughter-father relationship

THE CRAW -Sprawl Choreography; choreographer & dancer. Performed in parks of Stockholm; Choreographed by the gaze of Cristina Caprioli, Aase Berg and Mark Franko.

THE SMALL SHAME ARCHIVE – Artist/ lecturer. Lecture Performance at Limud a Jewish public conference.

WONDERING IN THE DESERT Poet/ artist. The crack, 40 years in the desert becomes the artistic platform. Sprawl poetry published by the radio producer Siri Ambjörnsen in SR P1 the Swedish public radio.


SECOND GENERATION – Documentary film. Second generation’s children of Holocaust survivors interview their parents. Film director and producer

SIBLINGS Process Teatern/ The process theatre. Producer, chorographer, mime and dancer, collaboration with the actor Christine Floderer. Played in classrooms for children between 9-11

2011 IN TO ME YOU SEE -director and co- scriptwriter at a rock performance with Daniella Gordon and Band. At Tvålpalatset in Stockholm 2011. Manuscript author, dramaturg and director.

2009-10 MAMMA -Process Teatern 2010, at Unga Klara Stockholm City Theatre. Producer, dancer and actor.

HALVSJUPOJKEN – Directed by Lars Ottersteth, choreographer, dancer, actor. Silent Theatre at Riksteatern, The National Theatre

2009 SVENSKA TORSKAR, Arena Baubo, actor and press responsible at Drama labbet, Drama Lab.

2007-08 LIVING ROOM – Concept, manuscript author, producer, actor, dancer at Kulturhuset Stockholm.

2005-07 ‘PAPPA’, directed by Catherine Parment, co-writer, actress, dancer, producer

2006 CANDYLAND TOUR, Roof choreography – choreograph, mime

2005 SALOME director Göran Järvefelt, co- choreographer/ rehearsal coach for the mime ensemble, mime, dancer

2004-05 VINDEN, VARGEN & DÖDEN, story by Leo Tolstoy, director Juri Lederman, Teater Studio Lederman – actor, dancer, mime

2004 SAKARIOS -Mini Musical, director Johan Edholm, mime and choreographer; Bromma church.

2003 PROMOTIONAL FILM FOR IF, insurance company, mime artist


‘KÄRLEK’, ‘LOVE’, choreographer Susan Jaresand, Kulturhuset Stockholm concept and idea of my own, producer and dancer

2002-03 ‘Heder’, by Marianne Goldman, director Igor Cantillana, dancer/actress and producer

2002 ‘Hannah’s trip to Antarctica’, director H. Brekkan, children Documentary for Swedish Television, producer 2002

2001 ‘Paublos birthday’, film director by Babak Najafi, line-producer

1998-00 ‘City ritual’ concept and choreography Reich & Szyber, stage the facade of the Culture House of Stockholm, concept and choreography by Reich Szyber, dancer

‘Det faller en dröm’, film director Ragnar di Marzo, a social project in Rinkeby with a youth group, Kulturhuset Stockholm, producer

1999 ‘Super Thanks’, director Juan Ruz, documentary about youth criminality – Scenario film AB, producer and continuation of the work on ‘Det faller en dröm’

1997-99 ‘Salome’, director Göran Järvefelt, The Royal Opera Stockholm, co-choreographer/ rehearsal coach for the mime ensemble, mime, dancer

1998 ‘Hidden’, director Jonas Åkerlund, concept Reich / Szyber, as performance art at Sergelstorg in front of Kulturhuset Stockholm, dancer

‘Antigone’, directed by Igor Cantillana, Kkulturhuset Stockholm, producer and dancer/ actress

1997-98 Producer of the Forum Nutidsplats för levande kultur – producing exhibitions, concerts and poetry evenings

1997 GRODAN OCH KÄRLEKEN -Director Reuben Sallmander, dancer, Teater Pero and tour

‘AMFITRION’, directed by Igor Cantillana, producer, The Intimate Theater, Strindberg’s Hall in Stockholm

1996 ‘DEN GODE MANNEN FRÅN ZEZUAN’, director Katinka Cassius, Youth Project, choreographer, stage The Glass House, Södermalm Stockholm

‘THE MAGIC FLUTE’, director Knut Henriksen, the Royal Opera Theater Stockholm, mime/ dancer

1995 GRODAN OCH KÄRLEKEN, directed by Reuben Sallmander, mime, actress, Stage – Theatre Pero, Stockholm

SCHOOL FOR WIVES, directed by Yuri Lederman, task choreographer, stage Theatre Studio Lederman

FÖRSTA DAGEN short film, directed by Kristina Humle, actress

1994 LUCKY PEOPLE CENTER, Performance Art, directed by Reich / Szyber, task dancer, at Dansenshus

Worked as mime and theatre teacher, at high school.

1993 SOUND POETRY, at the Jewish Theatre, hosted by Södra Teatern, task director and actress.

1992-93 Artistic director at the Jewish Theatre

JEWISH THEATRE CABARET at The Studio at St. Eriksplan, Stockholm directed by Barbro Smeds, actor and screenwriter

1992 VI och DOM -School program against racism and anti-Semitism on tour at Stockholm High Schools, actor, together with Basia Frydman, Reuben Sallmander, Ann Kalmering

1991 SVETS HALL 2 -Dancer, mime, concept and choreography Reich / Szyber, Performance Art in Finnboda 1991.

JUDISKA TEATERN CABARÉ -Author of manuscript performance at Kulturhuset Stockholm

Mime teacher at the Academy of Teatre Stockholm

1990 PALATSET, director Vanda Monaco, choreographer Marie Felthman, dancer, at Kilen, Kulturhuset Stockholm

FALCON CREST, dancer, directed and choreographed by Reich / Szyber, dancing in 5 tons of clay, performed at The Modern Dance Theater in Stockholm

BEAUTIFUL SADNESS, performance art dancer, concept and choreography Reich / Szyber, in the forest Liljan Skogen in Stockholm

EN TVILLING KOM SÄLLAN ENSAM, ‘En tvilling kommer ensam’, directed by Marie Felthman, actress, mime and dancer at Storkyrkobadet

1989 ETT HJÄRTA I SIN HAND -Musical, director Hans Berntsson Östgötateatern – dancer, mime, actor

1989 KÖPT OCH SÅLD -Short film, director Ulrika Bengts – actor

1989-88 ‘TEATERN SOM VILLE BLI SPELAD’, ‘The act that wanted to be done” – children’s theatre, solo performance, mime, dancer, actor. Director Marie Felthman, Östgötateatern on tour in Sweden

1987 TYPEN OCH FILUREN -Children’s theatre, director Hans Berntsson, Östgötateatern, Norrköping, actor, mime

1986 ‘QUEEN CHRISTINA OF SWEDEN directed by Ernst Günter at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, tasks, dancer, mime and actress,

EATEN BY MEN, choreographers Szyber / Reich, dancer, mime, actor at Plaza

MASTERSINGER -Wagner, directed by Goeth Fridrish, choreographer Stanislaw Brosowski, mime, acrobat and dancer, at Royal Opera Theatre Stockholm

BLACK SOUP- Performance Art, director Reich and Szyber, dancer, Storkyrkobadet Stockholm

YUCATAN -Choreographer Margaret Åsberg, dancer at Moderna Dansteatern, Modern Dance Theater

LIVSFARLIG FILM -DANGEROUS FILM directed by Susanne Osten, actor

1985 BARBARA mime piece with Evren Ulf, mime, dancer. Tour and SVT, Swedish Television

COMA -Own mime piece for four mime, mime, dancer. SVT, Swedish Television

1984 MIM FÖR LIVET, Riksteater tour with Panopticon, mime

TANNHAUSER –Wagner, director Göran Gärvefelt, mime, dancer, choreography by Stanislaw Brosowski

1983 GENESIS -Dance film, choreographed by Osnat Opatovsky for Swedish Television 1983, dancer

THE TEMPEST -Shakespeare, director Göran Görvefelt, choreography by Stanislaw Brosowski, Dramaten the Royal Swedish Theater, mime

MIMESIS -Choreographer Stanislaw Brosowski, Oscars Teatern in Stockholm and tour with Riksteatern Sweden, mime

1982 MARIONETTES – Hilding Rosenberg, director Peter Oscarsson, choreograper Stanislaw Brosowski, mime, dancer at The Royal Opera

SALOME -Richard Strauss, director by Göran Järvefelt, mime, dancer at the
Royal Opera

1981 FADREN – Opera by Strindberg, director Jean Claude Arnault, dancer, mime, actor, at The Academy of Music

1979 FRAGMENT AV EN KUB – Director Ernst Günter , dancer, actor, in collaboration with the ensemble Allakan; Tronheim Life festival

1966 ÄLSKAR ÄLSKAR INTE -Director Mimi Polack, child actor at Kungliga Dramaten, The Swedish Royal Theatre,



Fluent in written and spoken English; Swedish is my native language